All the dishes served at Restaurant Rejuve are all plant-based.
Since we make even soup stock from vegetables only,
people, who don’t have meat, egg nor daily products, can enjoy the time!


Lunch : 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. (Last Order 2:00)

  • Today’s Deli. Lunch Set …1,000 yen
    Brown rice with sauce, 3 small plates, salad and soup.
    The Topped sauce and small plates change daily.
  • Vege-Stroganoff Set …1,000 yen
    Mock beef stroganoff which is Russian traditional menu.
    Brown rice with sauce made of root vegetables and 3 kinds of fungi.
    1 small plate salad and soup are included in the set.
  • Salad Lunch Set (raw food) ….1,000 yen
    Large portion of greens with our original dill dressing.
    “Mock” tuna pate (plant-based, made of walnut and Allium),
    onion bread, 1 raw small plate and mini-smoothie are included in the set

+ Drink Set … +250 yen
+ Small Smoothie Set … +300 yen
+ Today’s Dessert Set … +300 yen


Dinner : 5:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. (Last Order : 10:00)

Rejuve’s Salad (RAW)/ 1,100
Plenty portion of green leaves with our original dill dressing.

Ceaser Salad
Vegan Ceaser Salad (RAW) / 1,200
The ceaser dressing is made without use of daily products
Nutritional yeast topped on the salad instead of cheese

Home-made Pickles / 450
Since we make it at the restaurant, it doesn’t have any artificial preservative

20151106103637 (2)
Mock Tuna Pate (RAW) / 650
Made of walnuts, onions, garlic and ginger.
Served with baguette.
*The baguette is not raw food.

Onion Bread (RAW) / 480
Dehydrated in the special machine for 24 hours.
Flavour of roasted onion. It isn’t roasted tho.

DSC_0884 (3)
Home-made Focaccia / 380
bread made with herbs 
Baguette / 300
four pieces of sliced baguette

DSC_0994 (2)
Mock Tune Nori Roll (RAW)/ 780
Srouts, greens and mock tuna (made of walnuts) rolled up with nori(sea weed)

 DSC_0990 (2)
Mediterranean Nori Roll  (RAW) / 900
Dried tomato, fresh basil and paste mixed up with cashew and corn are rolled up.
The combination of the salty taste coming from dried tomato and sweet taste coming from the paste go well with white wine


DSC_0961 (3) - コピー
No Egg Spanish Omelette / 580
Omlette made of roasted onions, potatoes and tofu.
Three Dip Sauce / 1,400
You can select three kinds of dip sauce from four, olive paste, mushed eggplants, herb creamy tofu and pasted mushrooms

Fried Chicken? / 730
Don’t worry, it’s made of soy meat.
The crispy taste and soy sauce flavour is
Japanese popular fried chicken.
 DSC_0973 (2)
Fritto / 1,200
Fried vegetable. Served with herb salt.
The fried avocado tastes different with raw one!
One of the most popular menu in Rejuve.

DSC_0964 (2)
Roasted Vegetable with Herbs / 1,300
Roasted a variety of vegetables flavoured with rosemary.
Served with herb salt
Vegan Chili Con Carne / 950
Spicy stew with chili and three kinds of beans instead of beef
Topped with salsa sauce made of fresh tomato

Arancini in nest / 1200
Stuffed rice balls, which are coated with breadcrumbs, and fried.
The popular menu in Rejuve.
Note: The photo above is plated as two serving
 20151106103737 (3)
Vege Stroganoff  / 980
Mock beef stroganoff which is Russian traditional menu.
Brown rice with sauce made of root vegetables and 3 kinds of fungi.

DSC_0947 (3)
Soy Milk Risotto / 1200
Brown rice with three kinds of fungi and soy milk.
While it is plant-based, the taste is creamy and good for the last menu for your dinner

Penne Gratin / 880
Penne, short pasta, with some vegetables covered with white sauce made of soy milk and vegetable oil.

Fruits with Cashew Custard Cream (RAW)/ 480
Fresh Fruits in season with raw custard cream, made of cashew nuts.
The cream is sweetened by agave syrup, no use of white sugar!
Vegan Cocoa Ice-cream  / 400
made of soy milk, brown sugar and organic cocoa pawder.



NOTE: We serve amuse like below at the first in dinner time as table charge, which is 500 yen per person. Thank you.





  • Draft Beer …650
  • Grass Wine … 650~
  • Bottle Wine …3,500~
  • Sparkling Rose Wine (Bottle) …4,500
  • Sangria (White/Red) …680
  • Mango and Plum liquor (with ice/soda) …680
  • Smoothie …650~
  • Home-made Kombucha …600
  • Coffee (Hot/Ice) …500
  • Tea (Hot/Ice) …500
  • Herb Tea (Hot) …500
  • Hot Cocoa …650
  • Hot Chai …650
  • Grape Fruits Juice …550
  • Orange Juice …550